Friday, October 15, 2010

Daddy can fix ANYTHING

okay, so new content. yay!
so, I'll be talking over the next few days about all the stuff I've been doing. starting with Dead Rising 2. again, it's a really good game. in comparison to the first one, I felt it really built on many of the good points of the first, while trimming down on the bad bits. as I said before, the survivors are much smarted, and it makes it much easier to guide large groups of them. I managed to get the tour guide achievement (escort 8 survivors at once) my first run, simply by accident. it was just how the scoops lined up, and I didn't feel like it would be as much of a chore as it was in the original. I do kinda miss not being able to take photos, but instead you get the ability to combine items, which is super fun to just go around and see what mixes with what.
oh, and yeah, the scoop system, and case file system is pretty much the same, so it's good to have some familiarity.
overall, yeah, a great game. but, by then end of overtime mode, MAN do you hate TK. seriously, screw that guy.