Sunday, October 17, 2010

A misreble little pile of secrets

so, today, let's talk about Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. it's an amazing game.
it is an official 'reboot' of Castlevania, so it does discard years of established canon, but it still does a great job. similar to the new star trek, it's easiest to think of it as it's own separate entity. though, like I said I really enjoyed it. the combat is really solid, similar to God of War, or other games of that type. it's got climbing elements form things like Prince of Persia, or tomb raider, and there are some large scale boss battles very reminicenet of shadow of the colossus. though this may make it sound like it's just ripped a lot of elements from other games, it's pulled of very well, so they do seem fresh an unique.
one thing I liked was the small little nods to other Castlevania games. the combat cross, Gabriel Belmont's main weapon, is made by Rinaldo Gandolfi, who makes the original "vampire killer" whip. additionally, the combat cross eventually gets upgraded to include a stake, earning it the "vampire killer" name. several of the enemies you fight are named for other characters in the series, an there are lots of other little nods to the earlier games.
the story is very good, as well, with an amazing final battle and, I'd highly recommend it, as ,long as the whole 'reboot' thing doesn't bother you. but it is an amazingly solid game.
so, yeah. try it if it's your thing.


  1. Sounds interesting. Would love to play it, but I don't own a current gen console.

  2. i was told it a amazing game if you dont think of it as part of the castlevania series but just as a game in itself

  3. I'm with icecream, never played

  4. Got to read more about those series :)

  5. might have to go looking for this i think, looks promising

  6. iv been reccomended castlevania before, only thing is i generally dont play handheld games