Sunday, November 21, 2010


me, being lazy and neglectful of my blog? never!

but I haven't really been doing anything else of note, so it's true.
been playing some of the DLC for dragon age: origins. dunno why, was just in the mood.
played through Leliana's song, and Awakening, but I'm taking a break before doing Golems of Amgarrak and Witch Hunt. I completed Ostigar, stone prisoner and warden's keep on my last playthrough, so I've just got those left. but, I'm taking a break, so I can save them for later, closer to when the second one is released.

completely unrelated to the above, y'know what kinda bugs me? God Eater. see, I'm a HUGE fan of Monster hunter, and have been eager to play Konami's... well... it's basically a rip off, but there must be a nicer term for it. version, I guess? anyways, it was released in Japan way back in February, but the official north american release isn't until March. what's ridiculous about it is that Lords of Arcana, Square-enix's "version" of monster hunter is set to be released... January, I think, in North America. granted, two different studios handeling localization, but still. LoA was just released a short while ago in japan, and will be released here before God Eater... kinda weird, huh?

also, in honor of the new Harry Potter movie: